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We are always looking for suitable properties to rent. The service we offer is great news for landlords and developers. You get the security of a longer lease and the benefits of hassle-free management and guaranteed rent. We work with local employers to find the perfect home for their guests and overseas employees.

Guaranteed Rent

You will never have to worry about missed rents as we guarantee to pay you on time every time.

Property Maintance

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to maintain your property to the very highest standard. We will do regular property inspections and maintenance management.

No Void Periods

Whether the property is occupied or not, you always get your guaranteed rent and we will take on the responsibility of filling the property.

Tax Savings

With the ongoing phasing of Section 24, landlords are going to see their rental profits reduce significantly. However, if you run your property as Serviced Accommodation on a management basis then Section 24 does not come into play. This is because it does not fall under the extra income part of your tax return, instead falls under the 'Furnished Holiday Let'. A high tax saving!

No Need To Worry

We take extra care and monitor the properties to ensure there are no issues, this can include the use of noise monitors. The property is inspected weekly and we work with local professionals in the area to ensure a professional service.

No Fees

No set-up fees, monthly commissions, or hidden extras. Your rent is 100% yours each month.

Longer Leases

Longer-term leases of 5 to 10 years, mean you get long-term peace of mind in terms of your income.

Tenent Management

We’ll take those day-to-day rental problems off your hands. No emails about dripping taps while you’re at work, no late-night calls from tenants who’ve locked themselves out.

Capital Allowances

Serviced Accommodation is a commercial product, so after around 9 months, landlords are entitled to claim their capital allowances.  This means they can earn a third of their purchase price of their property and pay no tax!

Always Looking Its Best

You have no worries about your property looking untidy. We have housekeepers who will clean it on a weekly basis and a ground manager who will maintain the gardens. This way we ensure the property is kept to the highest standard.

In summary, we are the first choice for Landlords.  We care for your property and ensure it always looks its best, all while ensuring you get guaranteed rent, on time and without issue.

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