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Well Managed Property offers HMO management to landlords, estate agents, select rent-to-rent companies and property holding companies.

Our service lends itself very well to those who already own one or more HMOs, those considering converting an existing house into an HMO or those in the process of buying an HMO as an investment property.


HMO management in London requires a comprehensive and hands-on approach to meet standards set by the local borough councils. We can manage all of that for you as well as hold licenses, and find tenants for you.

From ensuring fire safety standards are met, to checking cleaning, to meeting and greeting tenants – we will make your HMO tenancy run smoothly and penalty-free!

We can take your HMO onboard and ensure your tenants get the best possible communal area cleaning, laundry facilities, kitchen cleaning, shared bathrooms and shared outdoor space.

How it works

We provide everything you need to run a successful HMO.


HMO setup:

✓ HMO license application and renewal

✓ Property setup and rooms decoration

✓ Finding the best utility deals and fully managing all providers and payments

✓ Finding professional working tenants for your property


Full compliance:

✓ Managing all safety certificates

✓ Regular fire risk assessments

✓ Monthly fire alarm checks

✓ Full regular property inspections

✓ Regular housekeeping


Ongoing HMO management:

✓ Rooms marketing and viewings

✓ Tenants referencing

✓ Preparing and signing AST agreements

✓ Check-in/out with full inventories

✓ Protecting and managing deposits

✓ Rents tracking and collection

✓ Dealing with arrears and evictions

✓ Responding to and dealing with all complaints

✓ Responding to and resolving maintenance issues

✓ Managing meter readings and tracking usage

✓ Monthly financial reports


How to get started

Complete the contact form below and we will be in touch soon to discuss it further.


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