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Our service is a fantastic opportunity for estate agents because we make your job simpler and more profitable. By partnering with us, you'll save time and increase your income thanks to our hassle-free property management and guaranteed rent. It's an obvious choice.

We work with local companies to locate the ideal temporary housing for their visitors and international workers. Our clients expect the properties we manage to meet or exceed hotel standards, so you can trust that we'll take excellent care of your property.


Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

Guaranteed Rent

Whether the property is occupied or vacant – you get paid, no rent breaks, no rent stops, ensuring great rental yields.  The perfect lease term for us is 5 to 10 years.

Always Looking Its Best

You have no worries about the property looking untidy.  We have housekeepers who will clean it on a weekly basis and a ground manager who will maintain the gardens.  This way we ensure the property is kept to the highest standard.

Capital Allowances For The Landlord

Serviced Accommodation is a commercial product, so after around 9 months, landlords are entitled to claim their capital allowances.  This means they can earn a third of their purchase price of their property and pay no tax!

No Need To Worry

We take extra care and monitor the properties to ensure there are no issues, this can include the use of noise monitors. The property is inspected weekly and we work with local professionals in the area to ensure a professional service.

Tax Savings For The Landlord

With the ongoing phasing of Section 24, landlords are going to see their rental profits reduce significantly.  However, if you run your property as Serviced Accommodation on a management basis then Section 24 does not come into play.  This is because it does not fall under the extra income part of your tax return, instead falls under the 'Furnished Holiday Let'. A high tax saving!

  • Who would be responsible for maintenance?
    We understand that some Estate Agents like to handle maintenance themselves. We have no issue with that! Our service works by filling the gaps of your service. If you need us to work with your contractors or organise any maintenance ourselves, we can.
  • How do you ensure the property is well cared for?
    We have weekly house keepers who attend the property and make us aware of any issues. From this maintenance can be scheduled, small issues dealt with instantly (for example tightening a loose hinge or replacing a bulb) and any required replacements made. If you ever want to inspect the property, you can. Otherwise, we can send you regular pictures and reports so you can be assured your property is in good hands.
  • Who are your tenants?
    Our clients are generally working professionals who are looking for short term accommodation while working in the area.
  • Do you take on furnished properties?
    We can, although all furniture must meet safety regulations. We prefer having our design team furnish the property before our clients move in.
  • What length of contract are you looking for?
    The ideal length of contract is 3-5+ years, although we will consider 1-2 years contracts for the right properties.
  • What type of property are you looking for?
    We typically look for well kept properties, ranging from large studio apartments / flats and 1-7 bedroom houses. We consider single let properties and HMOs. All properties must have a clean and modern kitchen and bathroom. Properties with good transport links, i.e. close to an airport or train station and bus connection, and properties close to schools, hospitals and universities are prefered. Ideally, properties will have off road parking.

As responsible tenants, we prioritise the care and maintenance of the property to keep it in excellent condition. We also offer guaranteed rent without any issues.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can be the perfect tenant for you.


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